I apologise if I hurt anyone’s feelings : Sathyaraj


Dressed in black, he read out his comments from a piece of paper in a recorded video.

He said, “I will be more careful in the future. My remarks should not affect the film. I made them 9 years ago during the Cauvery conflict. While I will continue to speak out for all issues related to Tamil Naud, I apologise if I hurt anyone’s feelings.”


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Actor Sathyaraj, who essays the role of Katappa in the Baahubali films, apologised to those who feel hurt about his remarks during the Cauvery agitation a few years ago. However, he went on to say that he will continue to lend his voice for the welfare of Tamilians.

“If any producer or director looks at me as a liability after this controversy, I request them to not cast me in their films,” the actor said in a video.

The actor also appealed for the smooth release of the Baahubali 2: The Conclusion on April 28

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SS Rajamouli in a television interview to India Today when asked about the controversy, had said: “I (have) worked with Sathyaraj for almost five years and I could have never ever imagined he is a person who could hurt someone. Some videos were posted on the internet. When we started inquiring, we learned that whatever comments Sathyaraj made… this was nine years ago. And after that, about 30 films of his were released in Karnataka. Baahubali 1 released there as well. No one had problems with that. And suddenly, raking up the issue at this point in time is not right. He (Sathyaraj) is not the director of the film. He is not the writer or producer or the hero. He is just a supporting actor. He acted in the film and took his remuneration and went away. So whatever people do against Baahubali 2 will not affect him in any manner. It is sad. I think people will understand the issue and it will be resolved.”