Anchetty Gold Jewellery Shop
Anchetty Gold Jewellery Shop
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Anchetty Gold Jewellery Shop
Anchetty Gold Jewellery Shop

Its a very small error, but it has turned into a huge mistake for a gang of thieves who planned to loot a jewellery shop in Anchetty.

Saritha Jewellers, is located on Hogenakal Road, Anchetty, which is owned by Murugesan. His brother Chinnaraj, owns a maligai kadai (provisional stores) adjacent to the jewellery.

Day before yesterday night, brothers have locked the shop and gone home.

During night, a gang of thieves have walked through the ditch that run in-front of the shop, which is covered on the top with slabs by shop owners of the area.

The thieves have made plan, according to which they have to put a large hole – just 50 feet from a opening end.

Though, as per drawing, a hole is made exactly at the 50th feet, the shop that they entered was a biscuit selling Maligai (provisional) shop!!!

As time has run out and the sun has started raising, the thieves have left the hole as such and have escaped!!!


Yesterday morning, Murugesan opened his Jewellery store and started his day as usual, but his brother was shocked to note that a big hole has been made to his shop, but nothing was stolen! Chinnaraj cried about the same, while Murugesan wear a big smile as his shop, which should be the target has escaped.

DSP of Denkanikottai along with Anchetty police is investigating this case.