Paambu Pudi PayiRchi, Training to catch snakes
Paambu Pudi PayiRchi, Training to catch snakes
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A special one day draining session was held from 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesday, to train forest officials belonging to Hosur forest division to catch snakes, get protected from snake bites and watching of animal movements in forest area.

The training was given to officials belonging to Anchetty, Urikam, Rayakottai, Thenkanikottai, Chavalakiri, Hosur and Krittunakiri forest camp bases. About 130 personals attended the training.

5 types of snakes and special equipment to catch snakes were introduced to officials and training in handling the equipment was given.

The training program was conducted by Veterinary Doctor Ashokan, belonging to Sathyamangkalam forest division.