Elephant Bye pass; Animals road crossing bridge
Elephant Bye pass; Animals road crossing bridge
படிக்க எடுத்துக்கொள்ளும் நேரம்: 2 நிமிடங்கள்

Special flyover with green trees and nature is proposed so as to help elephants that move from sides of national highway between Hosur and Krishnagiri.

All through the season, elephants used to migrate from one place to the other.  They travel almost 1000 kilometers per year.  For more than 5000 years they follow the same route for their travel and human encroachments in their path create lot of suffering to the elephants.

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Government of Tamil Nadu has announced Hosur – Denkanikottai area as ‘vadakku kaaveri vana paathukaappu charanaalayam’ in which wild lives like elephants, bear, cheetah and deer will be protected. There are around 200 elephants in the area.

As the forest area between Hosur and Krishnagiri is elephant corridor, they cross national highway, creating several road accidents in which elephants lose their life.  Even a year before, a car rammed on an elephant calf in which it died on the spot near Perandapalli.

When ever elephants cross the national highway, there is traffic jam.  Villagers and public shout at the elephants creating panic and anger to the animal.

So as to protect elephants from human intervention, forest officials have proposed Tamil Nadu government and National Highway Authority of India to construct special flyover “natural bridge with trees and plants” for elephants in select points between Hosur and Krishnagiri, so that elephants will use those bridges to cross the national highway.