Thally Coiya (Guava fruit) bringing saliva in Dharumapuri people mouth

Coiya Pazam - Guava Fruit
Coiya Pazam - Guava Fruit

Its Coiya season (Guava) in Thally area as monsoon and weather is perfect in producing high quality and tasty fruits.

Merchants from different parts of Tamil Nadu and also Pengkalooru buy Coiya from Thally farmers.

It is estimated that about 1 ton of fruit is being sold in Thally per day.

Most of the fruit is reaching Dharumapuri, where it is being sold as hot cakes.

Taste of Thally Coiya is best and hence it is being sold at Rs 80 per kg in Dharumapuri market.

People take half ripen Coiya with great interest because it is considered as safe with medicinal properties for diabetic.