Thief who showed his skill with north hindian arrested!


Normally north hindians indulge in crime in Hosur area and managed to escape to their native north.  These kind of news are normal and regular.

But here is a case, where a north hindian house at Thenkanikottai was robbed that too by a local guy!

Poverlaal and his wife Ukiya were living in Thenkanikottai in Jai Theru.

The couple have gone to their native place in Rajastan and returned back to Thenkanikottai only on 10th of this month.

After returning back when they tried to open the main door, they noticed that someone has already broke open the door.  When the couple verified for the valuables kept inside the house, they noticed that Rs 30,000 worth gold and silver has gone missing.

Ukiya lodged a kaaval complaint with Thenkanikottai kaaval. 

Police swiftly investigated the case and identified the thief as Marappan (20) of Pattalamman Erikuttai area in Thenkanikottai.

Valuables were recovered from Marappan.