VCK chief and one of the most respected politician of Tamil Nadu Thol Thirumavalavan, a week before, in a public meeting stated that, Tirupati Perumal is not a Hindu god and he is actually a Buddhist monk.

He further added that the temple should be made a Buddhist temple and its Hindu temple status should be removed.

This created lot of controversy in Tamil Nadu politics and lot of debates is going on in Social Medias.  Before this controversy is over, recently he spoke in a public meeting, in which he once again repeated what he said earlier.

Further, he stated that, there is nothing wrong in demolishing Hindu temples as most of them belong to Samanar religion or Bouddham.

This time, he said that, someone told him that Lord Perumal is not a Hindu God, but a Samana Munivar.

Creating controversies has become a political stunt in Tamil Nadu politics.