Hair pin bend
Hair pin bend

Hosur and Coonoor are located in same altitude, but drivers will not get a sense that Hosur is a hilly region, until otherwise they get fear due to steep downs.

This is the main reason for accidents that occur in 6 way Hosur – Krishnakiri road.  This is the reason for frequent accidents that occur in Thenkanikottai – Anchetty road.

A truck from Namakkal was on its way towards Anchetty.  When it was passing through hair-pin-bends in Thenkanikottai – Anchetty road, driver lost his control when passing through a hair-pin-bend at Marakatta area.

As the truck was speeding, the driver lost control over the truck and it capsized.  Driver of the truck was crushed to death.

Other two vehicles, that were following the speeding truck also met with accident.

Kaaval have registered a case and are investigating.