Two women from Madurai arrested in Mathikiri

Mathigiri Police Station
Mathigiri Police Station

Two women, native of Madurai area were chased and caught by a group of men and were handed over to Mathikiri kaaval, who had arrested the women.

Machilaamani (32), an electrician is lives in Kuthuraipaalayam area near Mathikiri.

On 31st December morning, he was standing in Mathikiri bus stand. By that time, two women came near him and took away Rs 250 from his pocket. Noticing the same, he cried for help and chased the women. People who were waiting for bus by that time, joined Machilaamani and caught hold of the two women.

The women were handed over to Mathikiri kaaval. Kaaval inquiry revealed the identity of the women as Prema (57) native of Kambaliyaampatti village near Naththam near Madurai and Murukeswari (40), native of the same village.