Varalakshmi - 32 ward Councillor
Varalakshmi - 32 ward Councillor
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Varalakshmi - 32 ward Councillor
Varalakshmi – 32 ward Councillor

Hosur was once famous for its climatic conditions.  Later it was famous for the industries located here giving job opportunities to 1000s of people with all kind of profiles.

Now, its getting infamous for its usury menace, property related violence and theft.

It is a well known fact that politicians – in particular – people belonging to DMK party indulge in usury related crimes.  One of a leading political leader of DMK is doing this menace as a full time business, and police remain as spectators, claiming there is no one to lodge a complaint against him!  People run out of Hosur to save their life or kill themselves due to this on-going menace instead of making a complaint with police, police know this too!

Srinivasan of Thally road, is a tout selling materials using a trolly, pushing all through the street for his survival. His wife Lakshmi has borrowed Rs 10,000 on usury interest from Varalakshmi , councillor of 32nd ward of Hosur Municipality, who lives behind Velankanni School in Thally Road.

It is said that for a long time Srinivasan was paying usury interest to Varalaskhmi and has also paid Rs 5000 on the principle.

Mean while, he has delayed paying interest and the remaining Rs 5000 as his business was not earning him much.  Varalakshmi has went to Srinivasan’s house with other goondas and has threatened him of his life.

Srinivasan sought police help and police have arrested this woman.