VHP leader arrested on Kallak Kaadhal issue

Kallak Kaathal
Kallak Kaathal

Kelamangkalam kaaval arrested three people including a VHP leader of the area on Kallak Kaadhal issue.

Murali (42), a car driver was living in Mariamman kovil theru along with his wife Leelavathi in Kelamangkalam peacefully. 

Leelavathi developed illicit relationship with Manjunath (30) who identifies himself as a cadre and leader of VHP.  Manjunath lives in

Because of the kallak kaadhal, Murali separated from his wife and living single now. A case seeking divorce is going on in a court.

Due to this both Murali and Manjunath have developed enmity.  They both clash in public very frequently.

Couple of days before, Murali was walking on the road where Manjunath lives.    By that time Manjunath, his father Narachimman (60), mother Charkunam came out of the house and attacked Murali.

Murali lodged a complaint with Kelamangkalam kaaval on which police arrested Manjunath and his associates.