Yesterday, at Sivakasi, Vijayakanth and his team conducted an agitation, favouring Fire Work industries.

While speaking at the event, Vijayakanth pulled up Tamil festival Poki and challenged the central government to ban it!!!

For the last year Deepavali, Delhi government banned sale and bursting of firecrackers inside the city limit.  Its all because, pollution level shoot upto 30 times higher than the warning limit of pollution by World Health Organisation – WHO.

Indian Medical Council, labelled the pollution level as an emergency time for health and asked Delhi government to take enough measure to control pollution.

In Delhi, even on normal days, people were found wearing nose masks, so as to escape from pollution and bad odour.

Recently, a cricket player belonging to Srilanka, collapsed in the play ground at Delhi due to pollution.

While, there is nothing wrong in coming in support of Fire Cracker Industries, but why should Vijayakanth trouble Tamilians and create trouble for their festivals?