Water from Kelavarapalli – Thenpennai aaru reached Ramanaicken Eri

Kelavarapalli Dam water to Ramanaicken Eri
Kelavarapalli Dam water to Ramanaicken Eri

A 50 years of old dream has come true to Hosurians.  Yes, finally water from Thenpennai aaru, sourced from Kelavarapalli dam has reached Ramanaicken Eri.

Though MLAs after MLAs of Hosur kept on promising about bringing Kelavarapalli – Thenpennai aaru water to Ramanaicken Eri as poll promises, never the promise was fulfilled.

Mr Balakrishanan Reddy, Hosur MLA and Tamil Nadu minister, took all initiatives and has fulfilled his poll promise, by bringing the water from the dam site and making it to flow into the lake.

The Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, Balakrishna Reddy, and the District Collector, C. Kathiravan, were present to witness the first inflow into the lake, on Friday.

Water from the dam was diverted to the lake on the ground that it would address water scarcity of Hosur town. According to the administration, about 2 lakh litres of water per hour and 24 lakh litres per day is being released from the dam to reach the lake.

The project of channelling water from the dam was jointly conceived by the Hosur Municipality and the administration. The municipality has funded Rs. 24.50 lakh and the National Highways Authority has contributed Rs. 25.50 lakh.

While no maintenance work were undertaken at Ramanaicken Eri for several decades,  the Lake committee of TPSOH (Ochoor Makkal Iyakkam), led by Mr Lakshmanan took lot of pain and initiative, spending individual’s money, revived the lake recently.