Water released from Kelavarapalli Dam
Water released from Kelavarapalli Dam
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Hosur MLA cum Tamil Nadu Minister Balakrishna yesterday opened the shutters of left and right canals and released water for irrigation purpose.

For 90 days on alternating basis, water will be released on both the canals. This will help farmers to produce crop on this second season.

Through the left canal, irrigation will be taken up in about 5918 acres of land and using the water running in the right canal, about 2082 acres of land.

Villages near by Hosur and Choolakiri will be benefited using the water.

For the first 10 days water will be released continuously and for next 5 days water release will be stopped. Another 6 days water will be released and then it will be stopped. And by this way, water will be released for next 90 days.

When water is released, about 88 cu.secs of water will flow through the canals.

When water was released by Balakrishna, Krishnakiri district collector Kathiravan and other officials were present.