PARSHVOTHANASANA - helps to cure stiffness of the legs

PARSHVOTHANASANA - helps to cure stiffness of the legs

Parshva refers to side.  In this exercise there will be an intense stretch, more particularly the side of the chest will be stretched more.


1.  Stand in the posture explained in Fig. 1.0.

2.  Hold the hands behind the back  (as shown in Fig. 9.0).   The hands should be placed in the middle of the back.


3.  By inhaling, place the leg forward and slowly stretch the head back.  Hold in the position for about 20 second.  Take about 2 or 3 breaths (refer Fig. 9.1).


4.  By exhaling bend the body forward and rest the head on the right knee (refer Fig. 9.2).


5.  Stay in this posture for about 30 to 40 seconds with normal breathing. 

6.  Inhale and move the head forward and then to the original position.

7.  Repeat this process on the left side also.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.   This exercise helps to cure stiffness of the legs.

2.  It helps to cure various spinal problems and back pain.

3. It give strength to the shoulder and also cures chest pain and pain in the region of neck.

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