PARSHVA KONASANA - asana helps to reduce the fat at the waist

PARSHVA KONASANA - asana helps to reduce the fat at the waist


1. Stand as in Fig. 1.0.

2. By inhalation as far as possible spread the legs on both the sides and also raise the arms on both the sides.

Parshva Konasana

3.  Exhaling slowly, turn the right foot (as shown in the Fig. 8.0) and left foot slightly to the right so that  the right leg should be stretched well as shown in the figure.  After that, bend the right leg at the knee so that it should be perpendicular to the ground.  (refer Fig. 8.).

4.  Keep the right palm on the floor just on the side of the right foot.

5.  Stretch the left arm over the left ear.  Ensure to keep head up and focus the eyes towards the finger tips (refer Fig. 8.1).

Parshva Konasana

6.  Stay in this position for 30 to 50 seconds and breathe slowly and evenly.

7.  By slowly inhaling straighten the right leg and comeback to ;the original position.

8.  Repeat the exercise on the other side too.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Practicing this asana helps to reduce the fat at the waist.  This helps to give strength to the thighs.

2.  Helps to cure arthritic pains.

3.  This helps to cure shoulder pain and chest pain.

4. It helps to provide sharpness to ;the eyes.

5.  This exercise helps to give good body shape and good body structure

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