Gaudasana - relieves the pain in ankles and shoulders

Gaudasana -  relieves the pain in ankles and shoulders

Garuda refers to an eagle .  This posture gives symbolic representation of an eagle.  We know that the eagle is the king of birds.  Quite similarly, Garudasana is one of the prominent exercises in the yogic science.


1.  Stand in position as Fig. 1.0.

2.  Stretch both the hands forward.  Hands should be horizontal to the ground.  Place right leg forward and take 2 or 3 breaths.

3.  Bend the elbow and raise the arm to the level of nose.  Simultaneously place the right foot behind the left leg (refer Fig. 10.0).


4.  Stay in this position for few seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Release the arms and legs slowly and come back to the normal position.

6.  Repeat this exercise on the left side as explained above.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Performing this exercise helps to provide strength to the hands and legs.  it relieves the pain in ankles and shoulders.

2.  Helps to remove the cramps in the calf muscles.

3.  It gives body balance and sharpness to the body.

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