UTTANASANA - helps to cure spinal problems

UTTANASANA - helps to cure spinal problems

In this type of exercise there is an involvement of a good stretch on the back, shoulder and legs, more particularly the spinal part which involves intense stretch.


1.  Stand as fig. 1.0 and hold the knees very tight.

2.  Hold both the hands and slowly keep the hands on the head (refer Fig. 13.0).


3.  Exhale slowly, bend forward as much as possible (As shown in Fig. 13.1).


4.  Hold in this position and take 5 to 6 deep breaths.

5.  Slowly lift the head and  the trunk in order to come back to the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise helps to give a strong back and also helps to cure spinal problems.

2.  Cures stomach and abdomen pain and gives nourishing effect to liver, spleen and kidney.

3.  It gives good mental concentration and balance of body.

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