TRIPURA HARASANA - precious exercise in yogic science

TRIPURA HARASANA - precious exercise in yogic science

This asana has spiritual significance and is also one of the most precious exercise in yogic science.  it resembles the sacred dance that is explained in our holy scripts.  This exercise helps to  provide body balance, physical and mental control, concentration and energy to the body system.


1.  Perform Natarajasana. (refer Fig. 14.0)

2.  Slowly bend the leg to hold the grip from ;one hand near the ankle region.  The other hand should hold near the knees.  The legs should be straight and perpendicular to the ground.  Stretch the  body well and maintain the balance for about 8 to 10 seconds with even breathing. 


refer Fig. 15.0)

3.  Exhale, slowly release the hand first at the ankle grip and then at the knee grip and relax. 

4.  Repeat the pose on the other side also.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This asana provides balance to the entire body.  There is an utmost stretch to the legs, hands, back and stomach, hence this asana provides stiffness to the body.

2.  This asana is most helpful to athletes, sportsmen and also for growing children.

3.  Joints pain, back pain, shoulder pain and muscular stiffness will be effectively cured.

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