ARDHA CHAKRASANA - Half-Weel Posture

ARDHA CHAKRASANA - Half-Weel Posture


1.  Stand firmly.  Inhale, slowly bend forward along with hands.  The hands should be locked with the fingers (refer Fig. 18.0).

ARDHA CHAKRASANA:(Half-Weel Posture)

2.  As the legs are coming down behind the head, stretch the ribs and abdomen so that arch is formed.

3.  Hold in this position for few seconds with normal breathing.

4.  Slowly go back to the normal position and relax.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  In this exercise the shoulder, the back, the neck and the things are stretched very well. 

Full body stretching gives good body shape.

2.  Back pain and pains in the region of neck will be effectively cured.

3.  It provides good vitality and energy to ;the entire body.

4.  Because of formation of arch, the abdominal muscle and chest are full y extended.

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