VATAYANASANA - Horse Face Posture

VATAYANASANA - Horse Face Posture

Vatayana means a horse.  This asana resembles the face of the horse.  Hence it is termed as Vatayanasana.


1.  Sit on the ground.  Place the right foot at the root of left thing in half Padmasana position.

2.  Exhale slowly, raise the trunk from the ground and place the top of the right knee on the floor.  Keep the left foot near the right knee and keep the left thing parallel to the ground.

3.  Stretch forward and raise the hands slowly.  Bend the elbows and raise the arms near the chest (refer Fig. 19.0). Place the back of the upper right arm near the elbows.

VATAYANASANA:(Horse Face Posture)

4. Hold in this position for about 20 second with normal breathing.

5.  Slowly release the arms first, and then sit on the floor and relax.

6.  Repeal this process on the other side also.  Note:  In the initial stage it will be very difficult to maintain balance as well as twisting the hands.  But with regular practice one can attain perfection and  balance.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Leg pain and joints pain will be cured.

2.  Due to twist of hands it provides flexibility to hands and fingers.  Hence it is recommended for artists and craftsmen.

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