PADMASANA - The Lotus Position

PADMASANA - The Lotus Position

It is true meditation posture, which gives utmost mental concentration and equilibrium.  Though it appears to be the simple form, the correct practice of Padmasana gives enlightenment to the mind and body.  The posture is in the form of "Jnana mudra" which represents the source of knowledge.  The index represents the individual soul and the thumb represents the universe.


1.  For all the sitting exercises, one has to sit on the clean carpet floor. 

2.  Be seated and stretch both the legs in front to ensure that the spine is straight and firm.   Concentrate on a particular object, keep the hands down on the floor.  Breathe in normal  a position (refer Fig. 20.0).

PADMASANA: (The Lotus Position)

3.  The left foot is to be placed on the right thing and right foot on the left thing.  Ensure that the heels are pressed against the lower part of the abdomen.  In case of difficulty, try to ;bring them to the nearest part of the abdomen.  Stretch both the hands and make a circular shape with the thumb and index finger.  Stretch the remaining fingers and keep them firmly and then place then he right wrist on the right knee and left wrist on the left knee.

4.  The arms and hands should be tight.  The fingers should be pointing to the ground (refer Fig.  20.1).

5.  Hold in this posture for about 2 or 3 minutes with uniform breathing.  It will be an added advantage to meditate in this posture.  Better to close the eyes while meditating.

6.  Once meditating is completed, open the eyes slowly and gradually.  Loosen the fingers of both the hands.  Then slowly lift the right leg with help of hand and place the same on the floor in order to come back to original position refer Fig. 20.0).  After break of few seconds repeat the process be alternating the legs.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  As it is called "Jnana Mudra" the most beneficial use is to give physically and mental stability, concentration and awareness.

2.  It  helps to cure the stiffness of the knees and joints and also cures rheumatic pain.

3.  Helps to reduce fat in the region of things

4.  It has good effect on the nervous system of the body.

5.  Substantial benefits will be obtained by practicing this exercise for those suffering from leg and body pain.

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