SIDDHASANA - enhance memory power and concentration

SIDDHASANA - enhance memory power and concentration

Siddha refers to preparedness, awareness and consciousness.  It also means an inspired sage, seer or prophet.  This posture exhibits the Chin mudra.


1.  Start with posture 20.0.

2.  Fold the left leg back from the knee, and keep near the thing region.  Stretch the toes and ankle of the left leg and bring them in a straight line as far as possible.  Place the hands like chin mudra position as shown in Fig.21.0


3.   Head, body, neck and spine should be straight.

4.  Close the eyes and meditate with utmost concentration.

5.  Repeat the process by alternating the leg.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Most of the benefit are quite similar to padmasana.

2.  As it is recommended for practice in pranayama and meditation which helps the students to enhance memory power and concentration.

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