VAJRASANA - gives mental equilibrium

VAJRASANA - gives mental equilibrium

Vajra refers to diamond and this yogic posture resembles diamond.  More particularly, this exercise is very useful and invaluable as it retains youthfulness and vigor.  The entire body becomes strong like a diamond.


1.  Start the position as in Fig. 20.0.

2.  Fold the knees as shown in posture 22.0. Place the hands in the middle as in yoga mudra position.  Yoga mudra is the highest form of meditation.  In fact, Lord Buddha meditated in this posture for spiritual attainment.


3.  Ensure that the head, the back, wrist are straight.

4. The entire body weight should ret on the heels (22.0 and 22.1).


5.  Close the eyes and start meditation.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  As explained earlier, this exercise provides youthfulness and vigor.  The body becomes more and more strong.

2.  This exercise is recommended for those who are suffering from weakness of semen and vigor.

3.  Practicing this exercise helps to cure heart disease.

4.  This exercise gives mental equilibrium and develops concentration.

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