SUPTHA VEERASANA - give immediate relief to leg pain

SUPTHA VEERASANA - give immediate relief to leg pain

It is nothing but Veerasana.  Here one has to recline back on the floor, hence it is called Suptha Veerasana.  This exercise can be practiced even after taking food.


1.  Sit in Veerasansa position (as Fig 23.0).


2.  Start slowly, recline the trunk, back and rest the elbows one by one on the floor.

3.  Ensure that the back and head touch the ground.  Raise the hands forward just above the head (as shown in  Fig.24.0).

Suptha Veerasana

4.  Breathe evenly and keep the body relaxed.

5.  Slowly come back and relax in the original position.

Therapeutic Advantages.

1.  Practicing this exercise gives stretch to the neck and stomach.  It help on good digestion and arrests constipation.  hence it is advisable to perform after meals preferably, at night before going to bed.

2.  This exercise helps to give immediate relief to leg pain.  Hence it is  recommended to athletes and persons working in standing position for a long period.

3.  This is very beneficial to working professionals.

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