PARYANKASANA - beneficial to body builders and athletes

PARYANKASANA - beneficial to body builders and athletes

Paryanka refers to bed or cushion.  Though this exercise resembles suptha veerasana, the benefits and the advantages are relatively high.


1.  Start with Suptha Veerasana as explained in Fig. 24.0.


2.   Inhale slowly, raise the back and slowly lift the neck and chest so that there is a perfect arch (as shown in the Fig. 25.0)  No part of the trunk should be on the floor.


3.  Stretch and fold the arms at the elbows.  Place the folded arms on the floor behind the head (referred Fig. 25.0). Hold in this posture for minute and breathe slowly.

4.  Exhale slowly, and then slowly place the trunk and neck on the floor and come back to Veerasana position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  In this exercise the neck muscles are stretched well, and it also helps to control the functions of thyroids and parathyroid.

2.  This exercise helps to expand the chest which will be beneficial to body builders and athletes.

3.  This helps to bring relief to those suffering from bleeding piles.

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