BADDHA KIONASANA - keep the kidney and urinary bladder healthy

BADDHA KIONASANA - keep the kidney and urinary bladder healthy

Baddha means Bond or grip and Kona refers to Angle.  This exercise has several therapeutic advantages, especially recommended for ladies and pregnant women.


1.  Sit and stretch the leg straight (as in Fig 20.0).


2.  Slowly bend the knees and place the feet closer to the trunk.  Ensure that the sole and heels are together and catch the feet near the toes, take the heels closer to the perineum (refer Fig.26.0).


3.  Widen the thighs and lower the knees till they touch the ground. 

4.  Interlock the fingers and hold the feet firmly (refer fig.26.0).

5.  Exhale slowly, bent forward so that nose and chin touch the ground (refer Fig 26.1).


6.  Stay in this posture for about a minute with even breathing.

7.  Inhale slowly, raise the trunk ;from the ground and back to the normal posture (refer Fig.26.0).  Release the feet, straighten the legs and relax

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  As explained above this exercise is extremely useful to all women.  It controls menstrual disorders and ensures better functioning of the ovaries.  If the pregnant woman practices daily once or twice, it will have the beneficial effect of less pain during the delivery and freedom from varicose veins.

2.  Practicing this exercise helps to cure all urinary disorders.  This helps to keep the kidney and urinary bladder healthy.

3.  This helps to relieve all the diseases of the urinary tract.

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