MANDUKASANA - Frog Posture

MANDUKASANA - Frog Posture

Manduka means frog.  The action and posture resemble a frog.


1.  Lie on the stomach with the face downward.  Start exhaling and raise the legs and hold the ankles with the hands.

2.  Take two or three breaths.  Lift the head and the trunk above the floor and focus on a particular object (as  in Fig.27.0).

MANDUKASANA: (Frog Posture)

3.  Remain in this position for about 20-30 seconds.

4.  Exhale slowly and release the palms from the feet and slowly come back to relaxed position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Since the abdominal organs are pressed, it cures all the abdominal disorders.

2.  Knee, joints pain, rheumatic pain will be cured.

3.  In this exercise the hands and the feet are stretched, so it gives strength to the hands and legs.  It cures sprained ankles and hence it helps sportsmen.

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