Simhasana - cure the enlarged tonsils and throat infections

Simhasana - cure the enlarged tonsils and throat infections

Simha means Lion.  This exercise imparts beauty to the face and its regular practice improves the facial expression considerable.     


1.  Bend both the legs and fold the knees backward.  Sit on the heels comfortably.  Ensure the body, the head, and the neck are straight.  The entire body weight should be on the toes.  Keep the palms near the knees.

2.  Exhaling the air, open the mouth slowly.

3.  Stretch the tongue out as far as possible.

4.  Raise the eyes little, so that the eyes concentrate on the eyebrow.

5.  Please note to stretch the hands well.

6.  While doing this exercise one should open the mouth as far as possible.  Similarly stretch, the tongue in order to get good benefits of the exercise (refer Fig. 29.0).


7.  Breathe deeply for about 40 to 60 seconds.

8.  Slowly withdraw the tongue back and also take back the hands.  Finally come back to the relaxed position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  It is a useful exercise for teachers, singers and musicians as it tones up the vocal chords.

2. Practicing this exercise helps to cure throat trouble, tonsillitis and thyroid problems.

3.  This exercise beautifies eyes and improves the facial appearance.  It is nothing but an beauty aid to ladies.

4.  Performing this exercise enhances the sharpness of the ears.

5.  This exercise is recommended for those who suffer from stammering.

6.  This helps to cure the enlarged tonsils and throat infections.

7.  This exercise helps to improve salivary secretions, which in turn, helps the digestion of food.  Hence this exercise is recommended for those suffering from constipation.

8.  Practicing this exercise will  tone up the respiratory system of the body.

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