Matsyasana - corrects respiratory system

Matsyasana - corrects respiratory system

Matsya refers to a Fish, That is an incarnation of Vishnu.


1.  Sit in Padmasana (refer Fig.  20.1).


2.   Inhale slowly and lie down on the ground.  Fold the legs at the knees and bring the heels near the hips and take two breaths.

3.  Inhaling slowly drag the head back and hold the crossed legs with the hands properly and increase the back arch.

4.  Stay in this posture for about 30 to 50 seconds and breathe deeply. 

5.  Slowly rest the back and the head on the floor and come back to Padmasana position.

MATSYASANA: (Fish Posture)

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  Since the neck is stretched to full extent in this exercise, it is beneficial to those suffering from neck pain and stiffness.

2.  This helps to arrest bleeding in the case of piles.

3.  This helps to expand the chest and it corrects the respiratory system.  Since the respiratory organs like pharynx, larynx and the lungs are exercised, it is a beneficial exercise for those suffering from Asthma.

4.  Performing this exercise will activate spine and back muscles.  It is recommended for those suffering from backache and spinal disorder.

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