KURMASANA - The tortoise Posture

KURMASANA - The tortoise Posture


1.  Sit on the floor and stretch the legs forward.

2.  Widen the legs about a foot and a half.

3.  By bending the knees, insert both the arms and stretch them straight outside (refer fig. 45.0).

KURMASANA:  (The tortoise Posture)

4.  Rest the shoulders on the floor and keep the palms on the ground.

5.  Exhale slowly and bend the trunk so that the chin should touch the floor.  The legs, arms and back should be straight.

6.  Stay in this position for about 30 to 40  seconds.

7. Inhale slowly, lift the head, release the hands and feet and then come back to the normal  position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This yogic exercise is considered as an important spiritual discipline of yoga as it develops concentration and equilibrium.  Practicing this exercise develo0ps concentration and tones up the nervous system of the body so that it reduces anxiety, anger and depression.

2.  This exercise cures back pain and tones up spinal and nervous system. 

3.  This exercise provides good shape and beautification to the body.

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