UPAVISTA KONASANA - Long leg stretch Exercise

UPAVISTA KONASANA - Long leg stretch Exercise


1.  Sit on the ground and stretch the legs forward. 

2. Move the legs towards both the sides and slowly widen so that they are in a straight line.

3.  Stretch both hands and hold the big toes (as shown in the Fig. 46.0). 

UPAVISTA KONASANA:  (Long leg stretch Exercise) 

Exhale and bend forward so that the chin should touch the ground.

4.  Hold in this position for about 20 seconds with normal breathing.

5.  Inhale slowly, raise the trunk off from the floor and release the hands and resume the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise is recommended to ladies, because it regulates menstrual flow and stimulates the ovaries.

2.   This provides enough strength to legs and shoulders and hence more particularly this is beneficial for athletes and sportsmen.

3.  this exercise helps to increase the height and also gives good shape to the body.

4.  Most suitable for those suffering from Hernia.

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