NAVASANA - Boat Posture

NAVASANA - Boat Posture


1.  Sit on the ground and stretch the legs forward.

2.  Place the hands on the side of the body.

3.  Raise the legs and thighs from the ground and simultaneously raise both the hands, so that the legs and hands are horizontal.

4.  The balance should be maintained on the buttocks and no part of the body except buttock should be on the floor (refer Fig. 47.0).

NAVASANA:  (Boat Posture)

5.  Stay in this posture for a few seconds with normal breathing.

Therapeutic Advantages:

1.  Practicing this exercise stimulates the liver and the spleen so that it particularly helps those suffering from constipation and indigestion.
2.  This helps to nourish the kidneys.
3. This is most beneficial for those suffering from enlargement of prostrate glands.
4.  This provides strength to the shoulder, leg and knees and cures the joints pain instantly.
5.  For those who are suffering from obesity in the region of stomach and hips, this exercise is more beneficial.

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