ANGUSTASANA - Finger Balancing Posture

ANGUSTASANA - Finger Balancing Posture

In this exercise the entire body balance rests on the fingers and hence initially one can find it difficult to control the balance.  With constant practice one can definitely perform this exercise effectively.


1.  Sit on the ground and stretch the legs forward and keep them straight.

2.  Place the hands on the ground near the thigh portion.  Exhale slowly, raise the legs so that they are horizontal to the ground.

3.  Ensure that the entire body balance did on the fingers (refer fig. 48.0).

ANGUSTASANA:  (Finger Balancing Posture)

4.  Hold in this position for few seconds.  Inhaling slowly, release the fingers and slowly bring down the legs to come back to the normal position.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise has a nourishing effect on the hands, fingers, the legs and the shoulders.  Very effective for artists and sportsmen.

2.  Cures joints and arthritic pain and abdominal disorders.

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