MULABANDASANA - for depression

MULABANDASANA - for depression


1.  Sit in Baddha Konasana (refer Fig. 26.0).

2.  Place the hands in between the thighs and hold the feet as shown in picture (refer Fig. 51.0).


3.  Join the sole and then slowly raise the heels. Place the toes on the ground and drag the feet near to the perineum and place the palm near the back of the hips (refer  Fig. 51.1).


4.  Slowly raise the body above the floor with help of the hands and move the hips forward.  Simultaneously turn the feet and also the knees in order to push the heels forward (refer fig. 51.2).


5.  Hold in this position for a few seconds with deep breathing.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This exercise has psychological impact which controls mind and body.  Persons emotionally disturbed and those who are suffering from depression will certainly get benefited by practicing this exercise.

2.  This exercise checks excessive sexual desire and controls human energy and vigor.

3.  It cures stiffness and pains in the region of knees, thighs, shoulders and back.

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