TITTIBHASANA - Insect Posture

TITTIBHASANA - Insect Posture


1.  Stand straight and stretch the hands above the head.

2.  Exhale slowly, bend forward and then place the palms on the floor by the sides of the hips.

3.  Supporting the palm firmly, slowly lift both the legs so that it should touch the shoulder (refer Fig. 53.0).  The body and knees should be straight and well stretched.

TITTIBHASANA:  (Insect Posture)

Therapeutic  Advantages

1.  This is one of the key exercises to cure chronic back pain and it is recommended for working professionals , executives suffering from severe back pain.

2.  In this exercise the lower part of the stomach, thighs, and shoulders are stretched extensively and hence joints pain will be cured.

3.  In this exercise the entire body is balanced on the palms.  This is a very good exercise for hands and  shoulders as well as the legs.  Hence this exercise is most beneficial to athletes and players.

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