VIPARITHA KARNI - The Inverted Posture

VIPARITHA KARNI - The Inverted Posture

In Hatha Yog Adeepika the Viparitha Karni is considered as Musdra and not an asana.  In usual practice though we are not differentiating too much between the terms Asana and Mudra, but in Hatha Yoga the dandas and mudra are used distinctively. 

Even in Sanskrit literature the word Asana, Bandha and Mudra are used in the same sense.  In Sanskrit Viparitha means inverted and Karni means actions. 

The essence of Ciparitha Karni is keeping the head down and legs above the head.

Practicing this exercise helps to conveniently perform Sarvangasana.


1.  Lie down on the floor in a complete relaxed position.

2.  Exhale slowly and raise the legs and hips with the support of arms.

3.  Hold the hips with the hands. (refer Fig. 55.0).

VIPARITHA KARNI:  (The Inverted Posture)

4.  Hold in this pose for a few seconds and breathe normally.

5.  Inhale slowly and lower the legs towards the ground and return to the relaxed position. 

6.  Continue the process 2 to 3 times.

Therapeutic Advantages

1.  This helps to control the body weight.

2.  Helps to provide good blood circulation to the body, which helps to cure breathing problems, activating the nerve centers of the brain.

3.  Practicing this exercise provides better blood flow to the neck, throat, and head are cured.

4.  This exercise serves as an aid to increase the facial beauty because good circulation of blood gives tenderness to the face and cheek.

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