SARVANGASANA - Shoulder Stand Posture

SARVANGASANA - Shoulder Stand Posture

The name itself suggests that in this exercise the entire body is activated.  Because of this reason it is termed as Sarvangasana. 

Those who are acquainted with Viparitha Karni can easily perform this exercise.  The precautions explained in Viparitha Karni hold well for this exercise also. 

This is one of the important yogic practices in Hatha yoga.  This is much more strenuous and difficult as compared to Viparitha Karni.


1.  Resume the posture of Viparitha Karni (refer Fig. 55.0) and then slowly raise the hips still higher so that the entire back is perpendicular to the ground and the chin is pressed against the chest.  Legs should be straight.  (refer Fig. 56.0).

SARVANGASANA: (Shoulder Stand Posture)

2.  Few people experience watering in the eyes.  In such cases, they are advised to practice by closing eyes.  Hold for about a minute and slowly bend the legs down.

3.  Relax completely for about a minute.

Precaution:  It is to be done once only.  Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and heart ailment should start practice only with the consultation of the yoga  master.

Therapeutic Advantages:

Performing this exercise gives several benefits since the entire body is in action.  The entire body is activated and the complete body system is toned up.

1.  Those who are suffering from eyesight defects, this exercise helps considerably.

2.  Due to increased supply of blood to the brain the students must perform this exercise which gives increased memory power and concentration.

3.  The problems in the area of thyroid glands are cured.

4.  The pains in the region of leg and diseases of the nervous system are eliminated.

5.  Arrests premature aging, gives youthfulness and vigor and serves as a beautification tool.

6.  This is the best exercise for those who are suffering from ovarian  problems.  Ensures the good functioning of sexual and reproductive organs.  People suffering from impotency are advised to practice this exercise without fail.

7.  Executive s stress is cured.  Practicing this exercise relieves anxiety due to stress.

8.  Helps to cure insomnia and mental depression.

9.  It helps to cure constipation, gastric disorders and abdominal problems.

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