Devotees demand renovation of park near Hosur hill temple

Devotees demand renovation of park near Hosur hill temple

People visiting Chandrachoodeswarar temple, also called as Hosur hill temple, want the children park located on the hill top to be renovated and made available for use.

Long before, during 1996 the park was established near the temple, so that, people visiting the temple can spend some time leisurely.  Though years have passed by, there were no maintenance taken up in the park and all the play equipments installed in the park campus got rusted, broken and abandoned.  

The telescope viewpoint, set up near the temple is also left as such, after the lens of the telescope have gone missing, some 30 years ago!!!

From village municipality, Hosur has grown as City Corporation in these 30 years.  The hill temple, being one of the identity of Hosur, got Rajagopuram constructed recently.  

Devotees visiting the temple and general public of Hosur want to see the park and telescope viewpoint, renovated and available for public use.  Public expect Hosur Mayor SA Sathya to act swiftly and do the needful to make the hill temple park clean and usable.

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