Vijay congratulates Rahul Gandhi

Vijay congratulates Rahul Gandhi

Tamizhaka Vettri Kazhagam President Vijay has congratulated former Congress leader and Rae Bareli MP Rahul Gandhi who was elevated as the Leader of the Opposition in the 18th lower house (Makkalavai) of Indian Parliament.

In the recently concluded 18th parliamentary elections, out of a total of 543 constituencies, the BJP won 240 seats and the Congress-led India Alliance won 234 seats. In this election, a majority of 272 seats is required to form the government, but no party has got a majority and the coalition government is led by the BJP.

In this situation, the MPs of all parties who won the recently held Parliament elections took oath on June 24 and 25. Meanwhile, the Congress, which has the most MPs after the BJP, has gained opposition status in Parliament. Also, Rahul Gandhi has been chosen as the Leader of the Opposition in the Makkalavai of Indian Parliament.

In this situation, many political party leaders are congratulating Rahul Gandhi, who has been elected as the leader of the opposition. In that regard, actor and president of Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam Vijay congratulated Rahul Gandhi.

In this regard, Vijay has posted on the official website X, "Congratulations to Rahul Gandhi who has been unanimously elected by the Congress and its allies and will serve as the Leader of the Opposition."

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