Who is this Bhole baba? How did the preacher influence the tragedy of Hadhras?

Who is this Bhole baba? How did the preacher influence the tragedy of Hadhras?

In a political rally, India s Prime Minister Modi proclaimed himself that, he is not biologically born, instead a god gifted child directly on the earth.  Modi not only claimed he is God himself, he even picturised Ram a small boy, while himself as an adult.

Many wondered, why such a stupid claim by a highly skilled orator like Modi. 

Now through the tragedy that took place in Hathras, UP, many now understand the motive behind Modi s spurious God claim.

More than 120 people have died in a stampede to take the dust from the feet of a preacher named Bhole Baba in over crowding and stampede in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Let us take a look at who this Bhole Baba is and how women flock to listen to his discourse.

Suraj Pal Singh hails from Bahadur Nagar near Hadhras in Uttar Pradesh. Served as Police Constable in Uttar Pradesh. While working in Agra in the 1990s, he quit suddenly. Later, it is said that Suraj Pal Singh, who was wandering without a job, suddenly changed his name to Narayan Sagar Vishwa Hari and his wife was called Matashree.

Suraj Pal gradually transformed into a baba (Godman) due to his fame and income. He built a large ashram on his 18 acres of land in the village. His fame spread across the state as he began to attract thousands of devotees through his spiritual discourse. Devotees started coming in thousands to Bholeh Baba s ashram.

In this case, it was announced that Godman would deliver a spiritual discourse after many years in Hadhras. Police permission was sought for the event, which was organized on agricultural land in Rathipanpur village near Ita Nagar in Hadhras district, claiming that 80,000 people would gather. But gathered, about 3 lakh people.

As Bhole Baba made his address and started moving out of the campus, thousands thronged the path of his vehicle to touch his feet and take the sand from his feet. People who tried to leave the venue were also stuck in the push-push crowd.

As a result, many began to fall one by one into the nearby muddy field. As it was muddy, they could not get up immediately, they got stuck in the crowd and suffered. As a result, more than 120 people, including more than 100 women, children and the elderly, have suffocated to death.

Just imagine, if a Godman can gather such a huge crowd in UP, then how much crowd will a God himself can attract.

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