Actress Sithara, who was at her career peak during late 1980s, is still single. She spoke with HosurOnline and discussed about her love, life and marriage.

Sithara attained all fame when she starred in the movie Puthu Puthu Arthangal. She later moved to telugu and other language movies.

Here below is the extract from the discussion we had with Sithara.

Sithara started the discussion “Its not the right time for me to get into marriage. I can’t marry a man in a hurry, just to be get married. I am searching for a good young boy??? who is as good as like me”

She went on saying “I don’t believe in arranged marriage. I should find a person and my inner soul should tell me that he is the right person for me to get married. If I get married, then my brother and mother will be more happy than me.”

HosurOnline, asked Sithara, whether she is in love? For this she answered “I was in love. That time is unforgettable. I want to keep that private, so I do not want to share the same in public.”

After few minutes silence, she said “Love is beautiful. Everyone should fall in love…”

When HosurOnline diverted the Love topic to the secret of her beauty even at the age of 42, she said “I never like to see myself obese or fat. I always follow strict diet. The long hair is hereditary and it was gifted to me by mother.”

Though HosurOnline tried to keep away the most sensational discussion on Love, Sithara, came back to her Love life and said “Love can come at any age. Love has no age restriction. Though as of now, I am not in love, I can fall in one such, as I am still in that mode”