Kora Gopi
Kora Gopi

On 13th of this month, a rowdy named Chettu @ Prem Nivas (36) was abducted from his house in the early morning and was found dead with head and body apart on 14th.

On investigating the gang behind the murder, police understood that it is a handiwork of Kora Gopi and his gang.  Police are in search for the gang and expected that the members of the gang will surrender in courts on 17th, but that did not happen.

The Murder:

Chettu @ Prem Nivas was living with his ‘kaathali’ in a house in Samaththuvapuram in Bagalur Road.  On 13th early morning, gang of men came in two cars and took away Chettu in one of the cars while leaving the other on the road side as it developed snag.

Police was immediately alerted but was only recover the body of Chettu on 14th from Nallakaana Koththapalli village near Hosur.  The head and body was found apart.

Further police inquiry revealed that the murder was occurred due to previous enmity of Chettu with Kora Gobi gang.

Police registered a case and are in search for Kora Gopi, his men Rajesh, Naresh, Sukel, Navas and Pravin.

Who is Chettu?

Murdered Chettu owns a restaurant in Ram Nagar in the name Taj.

Chettu murdered real estate owner Vasanthan infront of  Thenkanikottai GH during 2008.  He murdered iron merchant Musthaak near Kottai Mari Amman temple entrance in broad day light during 2014.

To be noted here is that the accused in Chettu murder case, Navas and Sukel, surrendered in court along with Chettu in Musthaak murder case.

Other than these murders, lot many cases are pending against this dead Chettu.

Enmity Behind:

Chettu and Navas are relatives.  They had property dispute between then in recent times.  Meanwhile, both Navas and Chettu had fallen in love with akka and thangkai of a family.  Navas was in love with akka while Chettu has fallen in love for thangkai.  This love story, further troubled their relationship and forced Navas to part away from Chettu.

Navas, after leaving Chettu joined hands with Kora Gopi.  Sukel, who also belong to Chettu gang joined hands with Navas and joined Kora Gopi.

Chettu and Kora Gopi were enemies.  Kora Gopi has murdered Chettu’s maternal uncle Noorulla during 2007.

From the date of Noorulla’s murder, Chettu was said to be waiting for an opportunity to kill Kora Gopi.  Understanding this, Kora Gopi was waiting for all possibilities to eliminate Chettu.

Opportunities Turned:

As members of Chettu joined hands with Kora Gopi, Chettu became isolated.  All information about movements of Chettu was shared with Kora Gopi and Kora Gopi made it the right time to kill Chettu.

Where is Kora Gopi?

According to Hosur kaaval, who are investigating and searching for the accused, the rowdy gang might be stationing either in Karnataka or somewhere in Maharashtra.

Kaaval expect that the gang will split into individuals and might surrender in different courts across Tamil Nadu, as transferring them back to Hosur will take time and give opportunities for the rowdies to plan and escape easily from police treatments.