Nilavembu could cause infertility in men

Nilavembu creates infertility
Nilavembu creates infertility

Scientific studies, have proved that Nilavembu causes infertility. As per tests done on rats had shown that Nilavembu has an adverse effect on the reproductive system particularly in male and can also reduce the sperm count.

The Tamil Nadu government’s decision to turn to ‘nilavembu’ – a herbal concoction said to be effective against several fevers – to control the outbreak of Dengue has kicked up a storm in the state after safety concerns as well as reports of infertility emerged.

The ‘Siddha’ drug, which is made of nine herbs, is being distributed freely to all eateries by the state government. The Ayush ministry is also promoting its use, observing that nilavembu is “antipyretic (used to prevent or reduce fever), analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-dengue activity proved.”

While the authorities swear by its use, Siddha medical practitioners have warned of safety concerns. Experts have raised questions on the method of distribution and said it could be fatal in high dosages. They said it cannot be self-administered and should be given only under strict medical supervision.

Scientist pointed out that there have been no studies to prove the drug’s efficacy against Dengue fever and advised people to not blindly believe that it is a remedy against the disease. Although it is widely believed that the concoction helps reduce viral load and boosts one’s immunity, there has been no large-scale scientific study conducted so far.

Tamil Nadu health minister Vijayabasker states that people should not believe in baseless rumours that Nilavembu kudi neer will cause side effects. This herbal medicine has been tested well and used widely in many countries. But Vijayabasker does not know the list of so called many countries that recommends Nilavembu for Dengue!