Taking ‘selfie’ is adventurous sports, No insurance cover for death

Modi taking selfie
Modi taking selfie

No insurance payouts for selfie deaths!

Taking selfie is considered as involving in adventurous sports, so no insurance payout for the family, if the person dies while taking selfie.

Think long and hard before you take that perfect selfie on an adventure trip. Insurance companies are not going to entertain claims for injuries or for death while taking selfie.

Not only life insurance companies that do not compensate for death involving adventurous sports, but also General insurance companies that offer accidental death benefits and health insurance, are declaring selfie as involving in adventurous sports, so not allowed to make claim.

Youth posing in front of an exotic waterfall during a trek or an uphill cliffhanger are unaware of the impending danger: they can get seriously injured, maimed or worse still, die. And to top that, insurance companies will not compensate them or their families.

One of Insurance company manager, speaking to HosurOnline said, “Insurance companies do not pay for deaths occurring during adventure sports. Deaths occurring while taking selfies is considered “negligence” on the part of the victim.”

ICICI Lombard states on its website: “Though no official statistics are available on selfie deaths, there have been at least 54 deaths in India while taking selfies.” The company has refused to pay claims if the insured died while taking a selfie.

The customer care of Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd said the firm would not consider the death caused while taking a selfie as an accident. The company would investigate such claims before making any payments.

No IRDAI regulation on Selfie

In July 2016, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) announced a new set of health insurance regulations, but it has not yet issued any guidelines on selfie deaths.