Vaastu is another Feku fooling people?


Long before, there was no word called as ‘Vaastu’ known to the people of Tamil Nadu. But, during early 2000, there came Vaastu and lot many so called Vaastu consultants mushroomed across the state, taking big money from rich people and small money from middle class people.

These Vaastu consultants created fear among people and forced them to alter their existing buildings as per their ideas in the name of Vaastu, taking consulting fees, filling their pockets and at the same time emptying the pockets of their clients.

At Hosur, one of my neighbor built his house with strict Vaastu. The plot was North facing and a corner one. Starting from placing a brick to construct, every room, hall, kitchen, toilet were measured to the dimension strictly as per Vaastu. He completed his house in the year 2004 and died of heart attack at the age of 42 years! His family now is in Chennai running a road side Idly shop.

In another case, another neighbor had his house East facing. The house was built exactly as per Vaastu instructions. By the time he was constructing the house, he was working for TVS Motors taking home a very decent survival salary. After getting into the house, he got interest in Share Market and started doing Intra-day. He lost all of his money, became bankrupt, lost the job, now working as a watchman in an Apartment in Chennai.

I discussed the above with one of my friend who speaks a lot about Vaastu. He says, as the people I discussed, actually have failed to plant a red color flower flowering plant in front of their house, the Vaastu has given them bad time. Another friend of mine, who also pretend as if a Vaastu technologist, has a different story. He says, Vaastu for certain people will work against. He want Yellow flower in front of Vaastu houses.

While Hosur Vaastu fekus go this way, a case has come up at District Consumer Forum in Bangalore.

About two years ago, Mahadev of Vijaya Puram in North Bangalore contacted a Vaastu agency for advice after watching its advertisement on a news channel. After taking ₹11,600 from him as consultation fee, the agency advised him to remodel his house to a Vaastu-compliant design to “ward off the evil forces that were preventing the wedding of his daughters.” He was promised that “positive changes” would occur in three to eight months.

Mr. Dudihal says he spent around ₹5 lakh to remodel his house as per Vaastu requirements. After spending money and waiting more that the specified time, his three daughters continued to remain unmarried.

Upset on learning that Vaastu Fekus have cheated him, he decided to approach the Vijayapura District Consumer Forum for redress. He filed a case of unfair trade practices and deficiency of service under the Consumer Protection Act. When the district forum held that the issue did not fall under its purview, he approached the State consumer forum, where the case is now pending. He is also contemplating filing a police case against the agency for cheating.

According to Pradeep Anantapur, Mr. Dudihal’s advocate, any person or company doing business for a commercial purpose is liable for punishment if he provides shoddy service or product. “The Vaastu agencies should also be held responsible for cheating people” he said.

More trouble is, one of my friend took additional loan to alter his house as per Vaastu, while he was financially in bad shape.  After a year, he completed the remodeling of the house, I met to learn about how his condition has changed due to new Vaastu effect.  He disclosed that, now he is under more financial burden than before, due to the new loan he took to alter the house!

Just to know about the validity on Vaastu, I consulted with a man, who always mixes north hindian language words with Tamil and he also speaks Tamil with English ascent.  He says “Vastu is part of Atharva Veda. It is a supplementary branch (Upaveda). It’s called Sthapathy Vedam or Sthapatya Veda or Shilpa Veda. It deals with planning, designing, and construction of temples, houses, villages, and cities. Vastu Sastra has its origin in Sthapatya Veda. The word Vastu is derived from Sanskrit word ‘vas’ that means to dwell. The word (Vastu) is used to mean ‘for the place where we stay’. Sastra = wisdom (not science, as misinterpreted). It’s also called Vastu Veda, Vastu Vidya or Thachu Sastra. It defines proper construction and assembly of structures by ensuring the harmony of natural forces of earth, space, air, fire, and water. There were many versions of Vastu Sastra written by many authors like Varahamihira, Bhrigu, Manusara and Mayamata. Each had his own treatise, his own interpretations and had taken into consideration his own regions location, climate, social norms, materials of his time and his ethnicity. Hence you cannot generalize it.”

Hearing the above statement, my thought process went uncontrollable and I loudly murdered “yenna thaanda cholla varreenga?”

Other than Vaastu, there is one group selling color stones as wealth bringing stones. According to color stone sellers, certain variety or color stone matching with one’s horoscope star and so called raasi will bring wealth.

The color stones are priced in thousands to few lacs. My doubt is, if a small sized color stone can bring wealth to anyone, then why can’t Tamil Nadu state government order all of its citizens to wear such stones as per their Horoscope star or raasi. By doing so, all the people living in this state will become wealthier, over coming all Modi’s games and by this way, entire state will prosper as the richest state in the world? Even Japan might be borrowing money from Tamil Nadu for its Bullet Train projects?

How do these Fekus make money and keep cheating people?

Its all because of the psychology of people these Fekus were able to manage to survive by giving advice to others, though themselves are useful for nothing.

Have you ever noticed when a child falls on ground while running, the child will cry for help and the adult, who goes to help the child will beat the floor and blame the floor for pulling down the child!!!  The adult here fails to educate the child that, the child fall due to its own mistake and not the floor to be blamed.

This culture makes us to blame every bad thing that happens in our life on birth stars, other planets like Saturn and Jubitor, Vaastu – design of our house,  time etc.,