Muthu Mariamman Temple, located on National Highway near Titan industries has started moving 22ft away from its preset location…  the temple is full brick work and not a metal fabricated one…!!!

Thanks to modern technologies.  National Highway near Muthu Mariamman temple is being expanded as 6 lane and for this officials proposed to demolish the temple.

Initially, public made opposition to remove the temple but later discussed about modern technologies available to move the temple safely to another location and decided to use the same to move their goddesses to a new location which will 22 ft away from the present one.

Already basement work in the new location is complete.  Now, the basement of the present structure is carefully being dug out.  In another few days, the temple will be ready for worship in the new location…

Thank modern technologies available….  no… no… thank God for giving knowledge to humans with modern technologies.

Tower of a mosque located nearby is being demolished for giving way for the 6 lane work.